What to Wear to a Celebration of Life (Pictures Inside)

Wondering what to wear to a celebration of life? We’ve got answers for you! Here are outfit ideas for men, women, and children across different venues and styles.

A celebration of life is a chance to come together, share memories, and honor the person who passed away. There's no strict dress code, but you still want to be respectful and feel comfortable. 

Putting a little thought into your celebration of life attire shows that you care and allows you to focus on the heart of the occasion remembering and celebrating your loved one’s life.

So, to put your mind at ease regarding what to wear to a celebration of life, this guide will help you choose an appropriate outfit based on the location and venue.

What to wear to a celebration of life: Key tips

Some celebrations of life may have a specific theme or color request to reflect the personality of the person you’re celebrating.

For example, a celebration for a free-spirited artist might encourage guests to wear bright colors or patterned clothing. Be sure to pay attention to any such requests in the invitation.

Ultimately, the goal is to dress in a way that feels respectful and allows you to comfortably participate in the celebration.

Men's attire guidelines

Smart casual attire for a celebration of life
Sweaters or layers can add a touch of style

Outfit examples

Outfit ideas for a more dressy celebration of life event

Things to avoid

Women's attire guidelines

Skirts paired with a casual t-shirt or blouse are a great option
Smart casual women’s attire

Outfit examples

Sweaters or jackets for colder weather
Casual sundresses for an outdoor celebration of life

Things to avoid

Children's attire guidelines

Children’s outfits for a celebration of life event

Outfit examples

Keep in mind the location and venue when picking your outfit

Frequently asked questions

What is the dress code for a celebration of life?

The dress code for a celebration of life varies and depends on the family's wishes and the deceased's style, so it's best to check the invitation for any dress code notes. The event venue can also offer clues about appropriate attire, with formal settings requiring more upscale outfits than casual outdoor gatherings. 

If there's no specific guidance, opting for smart casual or business casual attire is a safe and respectful choice.

What is the best color to wear for a celebration of life?

When choosing an outfit color for a celebration of life, it's generally best to select muted tones like navy, grey, or earth tones to convey respect. If the deceased had a vibrant personality or a love for specific colors, incorporating these into your outfit can be a meaningful gesture. 

What is the etiquette for a celebration of life?

When you're at a celebration of life, it's really about being there for each other, remembering the person who's passed in the light of their best moments. 

It means a lot to share a warm memory of the person with those who were close to them. Joining in, whether it's writing in the guestbook or simply being present in a gentle, respectful way, shows your support at a time when every bit of kindness truly counts.

Next steps

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