8 Celebration of Life Program Examples + Templates

A well-structured celebration of life program can help make your event more meaningful, thoughtful, and memorable. Here are some expert tips, along with templates that you can customize.

Planning a celebration of life for a loved one can be an emotional experience, and the thought of creating a program might add stress to an already difficult time.

But don’t worry. This guide will walk you through the key elements you need to include in a celebration of life program, offering clear explanations and helpful tips.

We'll show you how to create a program that beautifully honors your loved one's memory without confusion or complications. Plus, we've included customizable templates to get you started quickly.

What Is a Celebration Of Life Program?

A celebration of life program is a beautiful way to honor and remember a loved one who has passed away. It's a chance for family and friends to come together, share cherished memories, and celebrate the unique life that was lived.

Unlike traditional funerals, which often focus on mourning and loss, a celebration of life can take any approach you’d like — whether it’s joyful, uplifting, reflective, or personalized.

It's a chance to reflect on the positive impact the person had on those around them, their passions, and the joy they brought to the world.

A celebration of life is a tribute, a chance to tell the story of their life and the love they leave behind. The program serves as a guide for this heartfelt gathering, outlining the various elements that will unfold throughout the event.

It sets the tone for the celebration, ensuring a smooth flow as you honor your loved one in a way that feels meaningful and personal.

How a celebration of life program differs from a traditional funeral program

While both programs serve to honor the deceased, a celebration of life program offers a more creative and personalized way to say goodbye. It's a chance to celebrate the life that was lived, share the love that remains, and find comfort in the memories you hold dear.

Key Elements of a Celebration of Life Program

A celebration of life program is more than just an outline of events. It's a roadmap to a meaningful and personalized gathering.

Each element plays a crucial role in creating a space for shared memories, laughter, and tears as you honor your loved one. Let's dive into each key element and explore ways to make it truly special:

Celebration of Life Program Examples

These first three examples are simple one-page formats that you can customize and print on any stationary of your choosing.

Example 1

Theme: A Celebration of Music for Michael Jones

Date: [Date of Celebration]
Location: [Location of Celebration]
Time: [Time of Celebration]

Order of service

Special touches:

Example 2

Theme: A Nature-Inspired Celebration — Honoring Sarah Green

Date: [Date of Celebration]

Location: [Location of Celebration (Park, Botanical Garden etc.)]

Time: [Start Time] — [End Time]

Order of service:

Attire: Comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for walking outdoors.

Example 3

Theme: A Life Well Lived — Celebrating Michael's Journey

Date: Saturday, August 10th, 2024
Location: Grand Ballroom, The Evergreen Hotel
Time: 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Order of service:

Special touches:

Celebration of Life Templates

If you’d like to customize some artistic two-page templates to create an elegant and personalized celebration of life program, this list is a great place to start:

A floral template for a gardening enthusiast

Try this floral template here.

An elegant program template for a hotel-ballroom celebration of life

Try this elegant template here.

A subtle and understated program for a simple celebration of life

Try this classic template here.

An uplifting, bright program for a person who was young at heart

Try this soft yellow template here.

A simple celebration of life program

Try this modern and simple design here.

Next Steps

We hope these celebrations of life program ideas help you put some structure around your memorial event.

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