What is a Eulogy and How Do You Write One? (6 Expert Tips)

If you get to deliver a eulogy, it's an honor. But we know it can be intimidating too, so we’ve put together a guide to help you write something that feels true to you, and to your loved one.

Standing there, facing everyone after losing someone you love – it can be heavy. Finding the words to capture their entire life and legacy is hard even for the best public speaker in the room.

But a eulogy is a beautiful thing. A way to gather all those memories, the funny ones, the heartwarming ones, and share them with the people who loved them too.

It's a chance to start healing, together.

If you get to deliver a eulogy, it's an honor. But we know it can be intimidating too, so we’ve put together a guide to help you write something that feels true to you, and to your loved one.

What is a eulogy?

A eulogy is a heartfelt tribute delivered during a funeral or memorial service to honor and remember the life of someone who has passed away.

It contains stories from the person’s life, their achievements, inspiring character traits, and the impact they had on others. A eulogy gives all those attending a memorial the permission to laugh, to cry, and to celebrate a life well-lived.

How do you write a eulogy?

When someone we love passes away, the world feels a little off-kilter. Our thoughts jumble, memories flood back, and putting it all into words for a eulogy can seem impossible. But remember, there are no experts at this. 

Here’s how you can get started on writing the perfect eulogy:

What does a eulogy usually include?

While there aren’t any strict guidelines that you need to follow, here's a structure to weave your memories into a beautiful tribute:



Closing out

Six tips for delivering a touching eulogy

What you’re doing up there isn’t an easy job! Here are some tips that will help you calm your nerves and speak from the heart:

#1 Read it out loud a few times

Practice reading the eulogy out loud a couple of times, but don't feel chained to the script. Allow room for genuine emotion. Tears are a natural part of grieving so don’t let them make you nervous.

Keep a couple of tissues handy, and you’re all set!

#2 Speak from the heart

Your sincerity is more impactful than perfection. Don't be afraid to evoke emotions. A eulogy can be funny, heartwarming, or even inspire tears. It's about capturing the essence of the person and the impact they had. 

#3 Engage with the audience

While it might be challenging, try to make occasional eye contact with the people in front of you. This connection can be incredibly powerful. It creates a shared emotional space that brings everyone closer in remembrance of your loved one.

#4 Consider sharing photos or a video

A photo slideshow or a short video clip can be a powerful way to visually capture your loved one's life and the joy they brought to others. Plus it’s a great way to wrap up your eulogy.

#5 End on a hopeful note

Ending your eulogy on a note of gratitude, hope, or a cherished memory can offer comfort to you and the audience. It reminds everyone of the love and joy the person brought to them and gives a sense of closure and peace amidst the sorrow.

#6 Take it easy and breathe

The people gathered here today want to hear about your friend, your spouse, your parent — the person they knew and loved through your eyes. Focus on that connection, take a deep breath, and know that your words will bring comfort and love to those who need it most.

A eulogy example for a spouse

Points to ponder:

Standing here today, my heart aches. [Name] wasn't just my husband, he was the guy who snuck gummy worms into my purse before every movie, the one who always knew how to make me laugh, even when I was angry with him. Our first date was over twenty years ago, and we got lost trying to find some Italian place and ended up with dollar tacos instead. That goofiness, that joy in the unexpected, that was [Name] all through.

Whatever the weather, he found joy everywhere and spread it like sunshine. There's a line from a song he loved, it went: "I am strong when I am on your shoulders, you raise me up". Thank you, [Name], for lifting us up on your shoulders. For showing us what it means to be kind, to be happy, to be truly alive.

And to everyone here, thank you for sharing this day. Let's keep his memory alive, in our laughter, our kindness, and the way we love each other, fiercely and with open hearts.

Tip: Remember to acknowledge your spouse’s family present siblings, parents, cousins, etc.

A eulogy example for a parent

Points to ponder:

My mom wasn't a woman of many words, but when she spoke, her voice could turn my day around. It's that voice I miss most today — that and her chocolate chip cookies. No matter how stressed she was, there was always a batch waiting, fresh from the oven. She was an incredible grandmother, a phenomenal mother, and a wonderful, caring wife. She wasn't flashy, but Mom had a quiet strength that could weather any storm. Like a lighthouse in a fog, she always guided us home.

I can almost hear her now, her voice firm but full of warmth, saying, "You've got this." And because of her, I know I truly do. Thank you, Mom, for everything. For showing me what love without limits looks like, for believing in me even when I faltered, and for teaching me the quiet strength that gets you through life's storms.

To everyone who knew and loved her, thank you for being here today. I’m sure she’s disappointed with me for not baking a batch of her cookies for all of you, but oh well! I hope to grow into the strong, fearless woman she saw in me.

Tip: Don’t forget to acknowledge your siblings!

A eulogy example for a sibling

Points to ponder:

If [Name] was here now, they’d be telling me, "Keep it short, will ya?". He’d probably have plans to grab a beer after this. [Name] wasn't just my brother, he was my partner-in-crime from the crib. I remember that one summer we convinced our Dad to let us take an old rowboat out on the lake. [Name], ever the fearless one, decided to stand up and "steer" like a pirate captain. Let's just say we had an unconventional swimming lesson! To [Name’s] kids, your dad was a whirlwind of laughter and a heart as big as his appetite.

He passed down that adventurous spirit to you both. The way you tackle life with a smile and a twinkle in your eye, that's pure [Name]. [Name] circle wasn't complete without his friends. You were the family he chose, partners in mischief and keepers of countless wild stories that, for everyone's sanity, will probably stay buried. We promise to keep your adventurous spirit alive, to face any challenge head-on (maybe with a little more caution than your usual approach), and to always remember that life's too short to care about dancing well.

Here's to you, [Name], the best brother a person could ask for.

Tip: Make sure you make your sibling’s family feel seen and important!

A eulogy example for a grandparent

Points to ponder:

Grandpa always had the same greeting for me: "So, what kind of trouble have you gotten yourself into this time?" He wasn't your typical grandfather. Sure, he had the stories — half of them I’m sure were made up (or I hope they were!) But it was the way he made ordinary life worthy of a storybook — that’s what truly set him apart. Grandpa had a hard life, and he didn’t talk much about it. His kindness extended far beyond our family.

He spent countless hours working to provide for the people that needed him. He'd spend every Christmas Eve handing out presents in the neighborhood. It made us jealous that other kids would call him Santa, but he loved it. You’ve left behind a big family and countless friends that will never be the same. Here's to you, Grandpa, the best story teller, pot-roaster, and the best Santa Claus a grandchild could ask for.

Tip: Make sure you mention all the other grandchildren and children!

A eulogy example for a friend

Points to ponder:

[Name] was a force of nature — chaotic, vibrant, and full of life. She had a heart overflowing with love and loyalty. She was the kind of friend who made the world brighter just by being in it. [Name] was there for you, no matter what, always ready with a shoulder to lean on, a joke to lighten the mood, or a grand plan for the next big adventure. She cherished her bond with her husband, her family, and all of us here today.

We'll miss her dearly, but the memories we hold close — the laughter, the adventures, the unwavering friendship — will be a constant source of light in the days ahead. We promise to keep the mischief going, in your honor, because we know that's exactly what you would have wanted.

Here's to you, [Name], a true friend and an unforgettable soul.

Tip: Make sure you pay tribute to your friend’s family and help them feel seen!

How can you personalize a eulogy?

Every eulogy is unique, just like the life you’re celebrating. A personalized eulogy honors the person and the memories you hold dear. Here are some ways to add a warm, personal touch:

Next steps

We hope this guide and the examples help you create a eulogy that honors the memory of your loved one. If you’re still planning out your memorial event, consider Meadow.

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