The 7 Best Cremation Services in Malibu, CA (2024)

Here’s the 7 best cremation services in Malibu, CA, with all the info you need to help you decide which to choose.

In the face of loss, cremation can be a beautiful way to honor your loved one's memory, but there are many factors to consider when choosing a cremation service provider.

Transparency in pricing, compassionate care, and meaningful memorial options are all crucial aspects that go into making this decision.

Whether affordability is your main concern, or ease of planning, or a unique memorial service — there's a cremation service designed to meet your specific needs and wishes.

Let this guide be your helping hand in finding the perfect fit.

The 7 best cremation services near Malibu, CA

What to look for in a cremation service

When selecting a cremation service, you're navigating more than just a transaction. You're making a choice during a deeply personal and challenging time.

Use this guide to help navigate your options and make a decision that you’re confident about. 

Here are some key aspects to consider when choosing a cremation service provider:

Transparent pricing

Cremation services can vary widely in cost, influenced by factors such as location, the type of service, and whether you have a memorial service.

It's crucial to request a detailed breakdown of costs to avoid unexpected expenses.

Some cremation centers might charge more based on the weight of the individual, whether or not they have a pacemaker, or whether their service involves pick-up from a home, a hospice, or a hospital.

Service and care

The level of care and support that a cremation service provides goes a long way in shaping your experience during this challenging time.

Memorialization options

While not all cremation services include a memorial as part of their basic package, many provide the flexibility to arrange a service that suits your needs.

Questions to ask

Asking the right questions goes a long way in giving you clarity and peace of mind as you choose a cremation service for your loved one.

Here are some questions you might want to ask:

Remember, the right provider will not only offer transparent and fair pricing but will also resonate with your personal values and the unique life of your loved one.

Take your time, ask questions, and choose a service that offers the compassion, respect, and professionalism you deserve during this time.

Meadow Memorials and Cremations

Location: Serves Los Angeles County.

About Meadow Memorials: Meadow Memorials and Cremations is helping families in LA County find a better way to say goodbye.

They provide compassionate and transparent cremation services, all at an affordable cost. Unlike traditional funeral homes, Meadow offers personalized service without pressure or hidden fees.

Meadow also goes beyond basic cremation services to help you organize personalized memorial services. They collaborate with top venues to accommodate everything from intimate memorials to grand celebrations, all tailored to honor your loved one's memory uniquely.

What does a cremation cost from Meadow?

The Meadow Cremation Package is $1,495 and includes everything you need for a dignified cremation, including:

They also offer a senior discount of $200.

Why do they stand out?

Where can you get in touch?

Visit their website.

Tulip Cremation

Location: Serves Malibu and surrounding areas through local crematories.

About Tulip Cremation: As the nation's largest direct cremation provider, Tulip Cremation brings extensive experience and a streamlined approach to cremation services.

They prioritize clear communication with transparent pricing so that you understand all costs upfront.

What does a cremation cost from Tulip Cremation?

Why do they stand out?

Where can you get in touch?

Visit their website.

Forest Lawn

Location: Forest Lawn has multiple locations across Southern California, including Arcadia, City of Industry, Covina Hills, Glendale, Hollywood Hills, and Long Beach.

About Forest Lawn: As a funeral home provider with over 100 years of experience, Forest Lawn offers a variety of cremation and memorialization options to suit your needs and budget. They take pride in providing personalized attention and ensuring every detail is handled with care and respect.

What does a cremation cost from Forest Lawn?

Forest Lawn provides multiple cremation packages, with costs varying depending on what you choose: 

Why do they stand out?

Where can you get in touch?

Visit their website.

Opal Cremation

Location: Southern California, serving Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties.

About Opal Cremation: They’re a direct cremation service provider focused on offering all-inclusive and affordable cremation plans.

They have a large number of good reviews, and provide 24/7 customer service with a dedicated care manager to guide you through each step.

What does a cremation cost from Opal Cremation?

Basic cremation package: $1,195 (includes all fees, cremation, paperwork completion, coordination, urn, and expedited death certificates)

Why do they stand out?

Where can you get in touch?

Visit their website.

Conejo Mountain Funeral Home

Location: Conejo Mountain Funeral Home serves Camarillo, Ventura County, Thousand Oaks, and Oxnard, California.

About Conejo Mountain Funeral Home: This a full-service funeral home that provides a variety of cremation and burial options. They have three chapels for funeral services, a crematory on-site, and reception facilities to help you create a meaningful ceremony for your loved one. 

They also offer a serene columbarium and a variety of cremation urns and memorials on the cemetery grounds.

What does a cremation cost from Conejo Mountain Funeral Home?

For a direct cremation (without ceremony), the cost ranges from $3,350 to $11,650. This includes basic services, removal and transport of remains, cremation fees, and cremation containers.

Why do they stand out?

Where can you get in touch?

Visit their website.

Scott McAulay Family Funerals

Location: Fullerton, CA

About Scott McAulay Family Funerals: This is a family-owned and operated funeral home with a long history of service in the community. The business has been passed down through generations, and embodies all the hallmarks of a community-focused, family-run business.

What does a cremation cost from Scott McAulay Family Funerals?

Why do they stand out?

Where can you get in touch?

Visit their website.

Beacon Mortuary

Location: Santa Monica, CA — caters to Los Angeles County and all surrounding communities.​

About Beacon Mortuary: Beacon Mortuary is a veteran and family-owned and operated cremation and funeral service provider. They focus on transparent pricing and community-focused service.

What does a cremation cost from Beacon Mortuary?

Why do they stand out?

Where can you get in touch? 

Visit their website.

Frequently asked questions

Can I be present during the cremation ceremony, and are there any limitations on guests?

Witnessing the cremation may be an option, depending on the provider. They might limit the number of guests due to space or regulations.

Always check directly with the cremation service to see if witnessing is allowed and if any limitations apply.

How long does the cremation process take?

Cremation itself typically takes 3-4 hours, depending on factors like weight and chosen temperature. Most providers will return cremated remains within a few days after the cremation is complete.

What is the difference between direct cremation, funeral, and memorial?

What is the average cost of cremation in California?

Cremation costs in California vary depending on location and if you choose a direct cremation (most affordable) or a traditional cremation with a ceremony.

Expect to pay around $2,455 for a direct cremation and $6,000 for a traditional one. Costs can be lower in some cities, like Los Angeles, where direct cremation starts at $925.

However, make sure you understand what’s included and what isn’t included for these fees.

There are also some additional charges like coroner fees and permits, but cremation providers typically include these in their quotes.

Next steps

We hope this guide helps you find the best cremation services in Malibu to honor the memory of your loved one. 

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