20 Unique Celebration of Life Decoration Ideas

Looking for celebration of life decoration ideas that can elevate an occasion and pay tribute to your loved one? Here’s a list for you.

A celebration of life is a beautiful way to honor a loved one who has passed. It's a chance to gather with friends and family, share cherished memories, and celebrate the impact they had on your lives.

The decorations you choose can play a significant role in setting the tone for this heartfelt event.

Whether you're planning a large gathering or a more intimate affair, here are celebration of life decoration ideas to fit a range of budgets and create a space that reflects the unique spirit of your loved one.

#1 A memorial table with personal items

One of the all-time classic memorial service decoration ideas is the memorial table. The memorial table acts as a focal point for the celebration, offering a space to showcase cherished memories and personal items.

Place a vintage suitcase or trunk brimming with stories. Fill it with photos tucked into travel journals, handwritten letters tied with ribbons, and treasured keepsakes that evoke cherished memories. Scatter vintage postcards or childhood toys for a touch of nostalgia.

#2 A travel recap centerpiece

Spark fond memories with a travel-themed centerpiece. Unfurl a large world map and trace your loved one's journeys using colorful threads or push pins. Scatter travel mementos like seashells or miniature keychains across the map, marking cherished destinations.

Frame photos capturing their adventures — a triumphant mountain summit or a joyful beach moment — and arrange them around the map. For an extra touch, adorn a vintage globe with tiny airplanes.

This centerpiece is an invitation for guests to explore memories, share stories, and celebrate a life filled with adventure.

#3 A music-themed corner

For a music lover, the center table can display their favorite instrument — a well-worn guitar, a gleaming saxophone, or a dusty violin — alongside their most cherished albums.

Showcase concert tickets, backstage passes, or handwritten setlists for a glimpse into their musical experiences. Frame photos capturing their love for music, a live performance, or a moment of pure joy listening to their favorite artist.

#4 An elegant decorative table

For a timeless and elegant memorial table, simplicity speaks volumes. Drape a crisp white tablecloth over a sturdy table. Create a centerpiece with a framed photo of your loved one surrounded by their favorite flowers.

Fresh blooms add a touch of life and fragrance, while silk flowers offer a long-lasting option. Light candles of varying heights for a warm and inviting ambiance. Scatter a few cherished items — a well-worn book, a favorite hat, or a piece of jewelry they always wore — to personalize the space.

#5 Photo collage wall

Transform a blank wall into a vibrant showcase of memories. Gather photos from every chapter of your loved one's life — playful childhood snapshots, candid moments of joy, and cherished family portraits. Use a variety of frame sizes and shapes to create something visually interesting.

Don't be afraid to get creative — include a handwritten note or a child's colorful drawing. Leave a designated space on the wall with pre-cut squares of scrapbook paper and sticky notes. This allows guests to add their own photos and written messages, creating a collaborative artwork that celebrates your loved one's life.

#6 Floating frames

Stretch invisible fishing line in a grid pattern across a sturdy backdrop, like a framed canvas or a section of draped fabric.

Attach photos of various sizes and shapes to the fishing line using small clips or loops of clear adhesive. String fairy lights behind the backdrop, creating a magical and whimsical atmosphere. This is a particularly stunning option for an outdoor celebration held after sunset.

#7 Memory slideshow

Create a heartwarming slideshow that takes guests on a journey through your loved one's life. Gather digital photos from various phases of their life, paying homage to significant milestones and cherished memories.

Incorporate short video clips if available, capturing the essence of your loved one's personality with moving images and laughter. 

Set the slideshow to play on a loop on a projector screen or a large TV positioned prominently at the venue.

#8 Floral arrangements

Choose flowers that reflect the personality of your loved one, or their favorite colors. For a nature enthusiast, a vibrant arrangement of wildflowers in a rustic mason jar creates a connection to their love for the outdoors.

For a person who loved to travel, incorporate exotic orchids or birds of paradise into the centerpiece. You can experiment with seashells as vases for beach-themed arrangements, or incorporate butterflies or ladybugs amongst the blooms for an interesting touch.

#9 Planter centerpieces

Succulents and flowering plants add a touch of life and color to the celebration, and guests can take them home as a lasting memento.

Group planters of various sizes and textures together to create a visually interesting centerpiece. For a personal touch, choose plants that the person loved or that were symbolic to them. Rosemary for remembrance, lavender for peace, or sunflowers for joy are all beautiful options.

#10 Candles

The warm glow of candlelight creates a sense of intimacy and serenity. Use a variety of pillar candles in different heights and thicknesses for a classic look. Group them together on a tray or arrange them on pedestals for added visual interest.

For a more unique touch, place tea lights inside decorative glass jars filled with sand or pebbles. Scatter the jars throughout the venue, creating pockets of warm light. Consider using scented candles, but choose subtle fragrances that evoke pleasant memories.

#11 Paper lanterns

Choose lanterns in various sizes and shapes, and hang them from tree branches, pergolas, or even the ceiling indoors.

Select colors that reflect your loved one's personality — bright and vibrant for a cheerful feel, or soft pastels for a more serene look. You can personalize the lanterns further by sticking photographs on them.

#12 Memory tree

Instead of a traditional guestbook, here’s a unique idea to consider — place a potted tree (consider a fruit tree symbolizing life and growth) as a centerpiece.

Guests can write messages and memories on fabric leaves or pre-cut wooden ornaments to hang on the branches. This living memorial can be planted later in a designated spot.

#13 Prompt-focused guestbook

Instead of a traditional guest book, provide small cards with prompts like "What is your favorite memory of [loved one's name]?" or "How did [loved one's name] inspire you?". Guests can write their messages on the cards and hang them on the memory tree (example #12) or put them into a box for safekeeping.

#14 Time capsule station

Set up a station with a box, decorative items, and notecards. Encourage guests to contribute small keepsakes, write messages for the future, or include photos depicting cherished moments. Bury or display the time capsule to be opened on a future anniversary.

#15 Literary tributes

Showcase the person’s favorite books on a dedicated table or bookshelf. Open some books to specific pages that held meaning or were frequently referenced.

You can scatter bookends, quotes, or small reading lamps for ambiance.

#16 Wind chimes

Imagine a gentle breeze carrying the sound of tinkling wind chimes throughout the venue. Select wind chimes crafted from different materials — bamboo, metal, and glass — each offering unique tonal qualities. 

Incorporate wind chimes of various sizes. Larger chimes with deeper tones will create a bass line, while smaller chimes with higher pitches will add a layer of twinkling notes.

The visual beauty of the hanging chimes, the gentle yet captivating sounds, and the symbolic meaning all combine to create a truly memorable atmosphere for celebrating a life well-lived.

#17 Memory lane pathway

Transform a walkway or entrance into a "memory lane." Line the path with framed photographs or hung photo collages depicting different chapters of the person’s life. Scatter lanterns or candles along the path for a warm, inviting glow.

Guests can stroll down memory lane, reminiscing about special moments captured in the photos.

#18 Chalkboard eulogy canvas

Set up a large chalkboard or painted wall section. Invite guests to write messages, memories, or funny anecdotes about the person.

Decorate the chalkboard with colorful chalk and stencils of relevant symbols or illustrations. This interactive element allows for creative expression and shared memories.

#19 Cloud word wall art

Create a word cloud showcasing words that describe the person’s personality, passions, and life journey. Use online word cloud generators or create one by hand.

Print the word cloud in a large format and hang it on a wall. Decorate around it with photos, quotes, or other memorabilia that reinforces the words chosen. This visually represents the essence of the person being celebrated.

#20 Favorite color palette

Instead of a single focal color, create a vibrant display using the person’s favorite colors. Use colored tablecloths, balloons, and streamers throughout the venue.

Incorporate flowers in these colors and encourage guests to wear clothing that reflects the chosen palette. This creates a visually vibrant and personalized atmosphere.

Next steps

Remember, a celebration of life is a deeply personal event. These ideas are simply a starting point. The most important thing is to create a space that reflects the unique spirit of your loved one and allows guests to celebrate their life with love and joy.

We hope this guide helps you come up with celebration of life decoration ideas that honor the memory of your loved one. If you’re still planning out your memorial event in the Los Angeles area, consider using Meadow.

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