Cremation Planning Guide: 7 Essential Steps

This guide will walk you through the essential steps of cremation planning, making the process a little easier to navigate.

After losing someone you love, you might find yourself doing many things for the first time — whether it’s cremation planning, informing loved ones of the news, or planning a memorial service or funeral.

Amidst this hard time, remember that you don’t have to figure it all out on your own. 

If you’re planning a cremation for your loved one, this guide will walk you through the essential steps of planning, what to expect, and how to get the support you need.

We hope this makes the process of cremation planning a little easier to navigate.

How to plan a cremation

Cremation planning involves decisions that extend beyond the cremation itself.

It includes considering memorial services, the final disposition of the ashes, and how to incorporate elements that celebrate the person's life and legacy.

Planning in advance provides a clear direction, which can be a comforting guide during a time of loss.

Step 1: Deciding on cremation plans

The first consideration is always the wishes of the person who has passed.

If they left instructions, those should guide your decisions. However, in the absence of explicit wishes, you can reflect on conversations or any indications they might have given about their preference for cremation.

This can include their values, lifestyle, and personal beliefs, which might suggest a preference for cremation over traditional burial methods.

When discussing cremation, consider aspects like:

Recognizing that cremation is a deeply personal decision is key.

It's essential to navigate these conversations with sensitivity, acknowledging that each person's grief and comfort level with cremation can vary greatly. 

Step 2: Choosing a cremation provider

A cremation provider, often a funeral home or crematory, will handle the cremation process and can assist with planning services. Here's what to consider when choosing one:

Reputation and experience

Services offered

Cost transparency

Communication and support

Questions to ask cremation providers:

Step 3: Understanding costs and legal requirements

Navigating the financial and legal aspects of cremation might seem like an afterthought — but planning is essential to ensure there are no issues or hidden costs later on. Here’s what you need to factor in:

Legal requirements

Complying with state laws and regulations is a critical part of cremation planning:

Step 4: Planning a cremation service

Crafting a cremation service that reflects the essence of your loved one is a meaningful way to celebrate their life.

This step involves choosing the type of service and adding personal touches that resonate with their memory.

Personalizing the service

Adding personal touches can make the service more meaningful:

Step 5: Cremation arrangements and remains

Deciding on the final disposition of your loved one's cremated remains is a significant step that allows for a personal tribute and a place for reflection.

There are several options for what to do with cremated remains:

Urn selection

Scattering ashes


Step 6: Memorializing your loved one

After the cremation and memorial service, many families look for enduring ways to honor and remember their loved one. Here are some options to consider:

Step 7: Grieving and support

Losing a loved one is a deeply personal experience, and grief can manifest in many ways.

It's important to remember that there's no right or wrong way to grieve, and the healing process takes time. Here are some thoughts to keep you on your path towards healing:

Get the help you need

Next steps

We hope this guide helps you navigate the process of planning a cremation for your loved one.

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