Top 5 Low-Cost Cremation Services in Los Angeles

Wondering which low-cost cremation services in Los Angeles to choose? We’ve got you covered in this comparison guide.

Facing the loss of a loved one is a deeply emotional experience, and the burden of making decisions about final arrangements can be an unexpected stressor — both financially and mentally.

If you're exploring low-cost cremation services in Los Angeles, you have options that prioritize affordability and respect during this difficult time.

In this guide, we'll explore some key factors to consider when choosing a cremation provider, answer frequently asked questions, and highlight resources available to ensure a dignified goodbye for your loved one.

Meadow Memorials

Meadow Memorials and Cremations serves Los Angeles County. We strive to provide families with an alternative to traditional funeral homes — and stand out for our commitment to clear and upfront pricing. 

The team at Meadow understands the need for compassion, cost-effectiveness, and care when it comes to handling a cremation. We eliminate the pressure tactics often associated with traditional funeral homes so that you can make informed decisions without hidden fees.

Our cremation package is all-inclusive at $1,495 for Los Angeles County residents, with a $300 senior discount available. Unlike most cremation packages, ours is extremely comprehensive and even includes 1 copy of the death certificate and a premium urn. When comparing offerings, it’s important to understand the full costs and what it includes.

Core services

Additional services

Meadow Memorials goes beyond basic cremation services. We’re the only direct cremation provider in LA County that offers assistance with memorial service planning.

We collaborate with top venues to help you organize personalized memorial services, ranging from intimate gatherings to larger celebrations of life. 

Additionally, we offer the option of a rush cremation at $300 extra, and a cremation with a viewing is an additional $600.

Cremation Society of Los Angeles

The Cremation Society of Los Angeles, located in Bell Gardens, is a family-owned business with a long history of serving families in the southeast Los Angeles area.

They offer a variety of cremation services to suit different needs and budgets, ranging from basic direct cremation to more personalized memorial services.

The Cremation Society provides detailed information about their services and fees upfront, allowing families to plan within their means.

Core services

Direct Cremation (Full-service complete package): This is their most affordable option, priced at $895.

It includes the transfer of the deceased within 30 miles of their office, obtaining necessary permits and signatures, cremation fees, a temporary urn, and state filing fees.

Important to note: There's an additional fee for transportation over 30 miles and for individuals weighing over 250 lbs.

Additional services

The Cremation Society offers various add-on services for those seeking more than a basic cremation:

All California Cremation

Located in Palm Desert, All California Cremation offers a comprehensive range of funeral and cremation services, catering to diverse needs and budgets. 

They emphasize transparent pricing — you will receive an accurate and final price quote upfront, with no hidden costs. They clearly state additional expenses, such as state fees and temporary urns.

Core services

Direct cremation: This service starts at $925 and excludes state fees and the temporary urn. It includes transportation of the deceased from the place of passing, and filing of death certificates and permits.

Additional offerings like a premium urn are available at an extra cost.

DFS Memorials

DFS Memorials is a network of licensed funeral homes and cremation providers dedicated to offering affordable end-of-life options for California families. 

They prioritize a basic, dignified cremation experience without unnecessary add-ons. Their member funeral homes offer a fixed-price direct cremation package, ensuring upfront costs with no hidden fees.

Core services

Important note:

Since DFS Memorials functions like an aggregator, the services offered by individual providers may vary slightly. It's always best to confirm specific inclusions with your chosen location.

National Cremation Society

The National Cremation Society, established in 1970, is a provider of cremation services across the U.S. They cater to both immediate needs and pre-planning, offering a variety of services to meet individual preferences.

The National Cremation Society has a wide network of locations throughout the U.S., including Los Angeles. 

Core services

Please note: Urns are not included in the service packages and are available for separate purchase.

Are there any extra hidden charges?

Cremation costs in Los Angeles can vary significantly based on customizations and the provider you choose.

While cremation providers advertise upfront costs for direct cremation, there can be additional fees that add to the final bill. Being aware of these hidden costs can help you get more transparent pricing from the provider you choose. 

Here's a breakdown of some common hidden charges:

We understand that planning for a loved one's passing can be a confusing and emotional time. Financial concerns can add additional stress.

At Meadow Memorials, we're committed to transparent pricing so you can focus on what matters most — honoring your loved one's memory.

We value clear communication and upfront pricing. There are no hidden fees with Meadow Memorials, so you can make informed decisions with peace of mind. Our cremation package includes everything you need, and there are no weight limits to worry about.

Frequently asked questions

How much does a cremation cost in Los Angeles?

The cost of cremation in Los Angeles can vary depending on the provider and the services included in their package.

Generally, cremation is a more affordable option compared to traditional burials. Here in Los Angeles, cremation costs can range from around $1,000 to $3,000 or more.

Some providers offer all-inclusive packages that cover the basics like transportation, cremation fees, and a cremation urn. Others may offer a base price and then additional fees for upgrades or add-on services, such as a memorial service.

Is it cheaper to cremate someone?

In most cases, cremation is a more economical option than a traditional burial. Traditional funerals often involve additional costs associated with a casket, embalming, cemetery plots, and opening/closing graves. 

Cremation eliminates the need for these expenses, making it a more accessible choice for many families.

What happens if you can't afford cremation in California?

California has a few government-funded programs that can assist with cremation costs. If you are facing financial hardship, you can reach out to your local county Department of Social Services to inquire about eligibility and how to apply for these programs.

There are also non-profit organizations that may be able to offer some financial assistance with cremation costs. Funeral homes can sometimes offer payment plans, and some cremation providers may have special programs or discounts available.

Next steps

We hope this guide helps you decide between the low-cost cremation services in Los Angeles.

If you consider trusting Meadow Memorials with your loved one, we’re truly grateful. We understand the weight of this moment and the difficulty of these decisions.

Meadow offers a more compassionate and meaningful way to celebrate a life well-lived with affordable, all-inclusive cremation services and customized memorial planning services in the Los Angeles area. 

Our team of caring memorial planners partner with you in this tender time to create an occasion as remarkable as the life it honors.

With our licensed team, you can expect:

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