Tulip vs Neptune Society vs Meadow: Which is Best? [2024]

If you’re considering direct cremation in Los Angeles and are deciding between Tulip Cremation vs Neptune Society, this guide will help you make a decision with confidence and clarity.

After losing a loved one, there can be a lot of quick decisions to make. Whether to have a burial, how many people to invite, whether cremation is a better option — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

If you’ve chosen cremation, the next step is finding the best direct cremation service provider in Los Angeles. You’ll most likely consider providers like Tulip Cremation vs. Neptune Society.

This guide will help navigate these options, considering factors like cost, service, and your unique needs during this difficult time.

Tulip vs Neptune Society vs Meadow: At a glance


Neptune Society

Tulip Cremation

Meadow Memorials

Best for

Families that want a longstanding
cremation service provider

Families looking for the most
affordable option

Families who value all-inclusive, personalized
cremation services and
memorial service planning


Starts at $1,900 (varies by weight)

Starts at $1,195 

$1,495 (all-inclusive, no hidden fees)

Includes a copy of the death certificate




Services Included

Cremation, permits,
filing paperwork, scattering ashes
at sea (base price), simple urn

Cremation, permits, filing paperwork,
urn (plastic)

Cremation (no weight limit), filing paperwork, 1 death certificate,
dedicated care concierge, social security notification,
handmade wooden urn, nationwide delivery of remains, senior discount

Customer Reviews

Mixed (compassionate staff,
efficient process vs. inconsistent
communication, administrative

Mixed (prompt staff, affordable pricing,
easy online
process vs. inconsistent
customer service, cremation process issues)

Positive (compassionate care, clear communication, respectful treatment)


Neptune Society of Central California

Neptune Society is a cremation service provider with over 40 years of experience serving families in the California area. Their process includes the essential arrangements and cremation.

They offer the following services:

Neptune Society pricing

Neptune Society’s reputation

Neptune Society has a mixed bag of reviews. Some customers praise their professionalism, compassion, and efficiency during a difficult time.

However, unhappy customers expressed dissatisfaction and frustration over poor customer service, administrative inefficiencies, and overpricing.

Positive reviews mention:

Negative reviews mention:

There were also concerns about lost paperwork and mismanagement, leading to added stress during sensitive times.

"It took several more days for her ashes to arrive..." "My 94-year-old mother prepaid for her cremation... they could not find proof of her payment..." "NS lost his body for 3 days..."

Tulip Cremation

Tulip Cremation offers direct cremation services in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. They focus on affordability and remote convenience, allowing everything to be handled online or over the phone 24/7.

Tulip offers these services:

Tulip Cremation pricing

Tulip Cremation’s reputation

Customer reviews for Tulip Cremation are mixed:

However, other customers have had negative experiences, including:

Meadow Memorials

Meadow Memorials offers direct cremation and memorial planning services in the Los Angeles area. We focus on transparency and affordability while prioritizing personalized service.

Here’s what Meadow Memorials offers

Meadow Memorials pricing

The all-inclusive package for a direct cremation in Los Angeles starts at $1,495. We also offer a $300 senior discount for anyone over the age of 65.

Meadow Memorial’s reputation

Customer reviews for Meadow Memorials reflect their focus on compassionate care and attention to detail during a difficult time. Here's a summary of what Meadow's clients have said:

Which should you choose? Tulip Cremation vs Neptune Society vs Meadow Memorials

Tulip Cremation: Ideal for those on a tight budget who value remote convenience and prefer a basic cremation service.

Neptune Society: A good choice for situations where budget is a concern, but not the top priority. Their pricing falls within the mid-range for cremation services.

Meadow Memorials: A strong choice for those seeking a balance between affordability, personalized service, and creating a meaningful memorial experience.

Why choose Meadow Memorials?

Next steps

We hope this guide answers your questions about choosing between Tulip Cremation vs Neptune Society, and considering the option of trusting Meadow Memorials with your loved one. 

We understand the weight of this moment and the difficulty of these decisions.

Meadow offers a more compassionate and meaningful way to celebrate a life well-lived with affordable, all-inclusive cremation services and customized memorial planning services in the Los Angeles area. 

Our team of caring memorial planners partner with you in this tender time to create an occasion as remarkable as the life it honors.

With our licensed team, you can expect:

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