Celebration of Life Etiquette: What to Expect, Dos & Don’ts

Learn what the etiquette for a celebration of life is.

We all know that losing someone you love is tough. And when you get that invitation to a celebration of life, you might feel a mix of emotions — sadness, of course, but also a desire to celebrate the incredible person you knew.

If you want to be there to honor their memory, but you're unsure about the etiquette for a celebration of life, this guide is for you.

Consider it a roadmap to navigating this event and showing your support in a way that truly reflects the life being celebrated.

What is a Celebration of Life?

A celebration of life is a gathering to honor the life and legacy of a loved one. Unlike a traditional funeral, it's a more personal and uplifting way to say goodbye.

It celebrates the life lived, the joy brought to others, and the cherished memories. Here’s what makes a celebration of life different from a traditional funeral:

The feel of the event

Structure of the ceremony

The location

What happens at a Celebration of Life?

While the specifics will vary, here's a general idea of what you might encounter at a celebration of life event:

Welcoming and gathering

The main event

Time for sharing

A reception or meal together

Alternative celebration of life events

Celebrations of life can be as unique as the person they honor. Here are some alternative event options that are now more common:

How long does the event typically last?

Celebration of life ceremonies can vary quite significantly in length, depending on the family's wishes and the structure of the event. Here's a general breakdown:

It's always a good idea to check the invitation or program for details about the estimated duration of the event.

What tone should you expect?

The overall tone of a celebration of life is one of remembrance and gratitude. As a guest, you can expect the atmosphere to be welcoming and comforting.

There will likely be moments of sadness and reflection as loved ones share stories and memories, but the focus will be honoring the positive impact and joy the person brought to the world.

What should you wear?

Unlike traditional funerals with formal dress codes, celebrations of life tend to be more flexible in terms of attire. However, it's still important to dress respectfully and appropriately for the occasion.

Attire recommendations for men

Attire recommendations for women

Remember, the most important thing is to dress respectfully and comfortably. When in doubt, err on the side of being slightly more dressed up than underdressed.

Should you bring something?

There’s no obligation to bring something to a celebration of life, but a thoughtful gesture can be a great way to show you care.

Here are a few things you can bring:

Should you bring flowers?

Flowers are a traditional way to express sympathy at funerals, but celebrations of life offer more flexibility. If you aren’t sure about whether they’re appropriate, here's what you can consider:

A thoughtful gesture, however you choose to express it, is what matters most.

Celebration of Life etiquette: Dos and don’ts

Here are some etiquette tips to keep in mind:



Next steps

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