Joselito Reyes Obituary

November 26, 1965 – March 25, 2024

Joselito Reyes, a beloved husband, father, and dedicated HR and Compliance manager, peacefully passed away on March 25, 2024. Originally from the Philippines, Joselito's journey led him to impact numerous lives both in his homeland and the United States. 

Beyond his professional life, Joselito found joy in various passions, including his love for cars, playing games on his cell phone, and spending Sundays at church with his family. An avid reader, he instilled a love for learning and reading books in his daughter, Sam. Known for his warmth and readiness to go above and beyond for others, Joselito's legacy is one of kindness, strength, and dedication. Fond memories shared by his sons Luke, Mike, Jun and Charles highlight the depth of his impact. Luke reminisces about their time together at church and their shared Sunday traditions, while Mike recalls their playful interactions and adventures with buying a second-hand PlayStation. Charles cherishes memories of his father proudly speaking English during a school meeting and their bonding over assembling Tamiya toys. Additionally, Jun fondly remembers their Sundays together, despite initially finding church boring as a child. Jun treasures their time after church, where they would bond over meals and computer games. 

His tenure at Seafood City, a Filipino grocery chain, where he rose to the position of HR and Compliance manager, was marked by his quiet dedication and the respect he garnered from his colleagues. Though reserved, Joselito's inner circle knew him as a sweet and helpful soul, always ready to go above and beyond for those he cared about. Despite the intimidation his HR role may have evoked, his associates remember him for his charm, humor, and warmth.

Joselito took immense pride in his 14 years of service at Seafood City, working diligently until his final days. His dedication extended to his family, whom he cherished deeply. He found solace and joy in family trips, particularly treasuring the memories of a recent outing to Knott's Berry Farm and celebrating Maria Lydia’s birthday in Las Vegas.

Joselito's love story with his wife, Maria Lydia, was one for the ages. High school sweethearts who had gone their separate ways, they found each other again through the modern miracle of social media. At a high school reunion in 2012, Joselito laid eyes on Maria Lydia once more, and from that moment, he was determined to win her heart anew. Their reunion was a testament to the enduring power of love, and together they built a life filled with shared dreams, laughter, and cherished memories. Maria Lydia was not just Joselito's wife; she was his soulmate, his confidante, and his constant source of strength. Her presence in his life brought him immeasurable joy, and their bond remains unbreakable, even in his absence.

Throughout his battle with pancreatic cancer, Joselito remained resilient and determined, facing his illness with courage and grace. His trust in the care provided by UCI Health, where his daughter also worked, spoke volumes about his character and unwavering faith. Even in his final battle, he had hoped to receive care at UCI, demonstrating his strong trust and belief in their services.

Joselito will be remembered for his sense of humor, his meticulous planning, and his unconditional love for his family. He leaves behind a legacy of kindness, strength, and dedication.

Joselito's legacy lives on through his loving wife, Maria Lydia, their children, Charles, Joselito Jr., Mike, Luke, Dale, and Sam, and the countless lives he touched. A memorial service will be held on April 4th, 2024, at San Lorenzo Ruiz Catholic Church to celebrate Joselito's life and legacy. He will be deeply missed but fondly remembered by all who had the privilege of knowing him. May he rest in peace, surrounded by the love and light he brought into the world.